Passionately grown Microgreens, Aesthetically pleasing with exceptional flavor in a Hyper-local setting. That is what we do here at Treehouse Foods. We back this up with outstanding service that is core to our mission to seek excellence not only in taste and aesthetics, but to be someone you can trust to deliver. 

Specializing in Microgreens means we can focus on helping to bring this emerging food group to the wider community. No longer are these powerful little plants with amazing health benefits just a piece of a dish, they are fast becoming a dish on their own that stands out and offers satisfaction in a tiny package.

At Treehouse Foods we are guided by 6 simple principles :

1. Love from the ground up, always

    We do this because we LOVE this

      2. Evolution is inevitable, not enforced

      • We got here by working diligently and having patience, and will continue to do so to ensure we achieve our mission

      3. Maintain control of our environment

      • While we provide and maintain the best possible conditions for our products to thrive, it only makes sense that we apply the same principles to how we operate to ensure the best possible result for our customers

      4. Don't forget the roots, they hold up the tree

      • Our foundations are core to the success of our mission. The more we grow, the stronger we need to be 

      5. Synergy is the lifeblood of our ecosystem

      • Only with Care, Patience, Focus and Drive can we thrive 

      6. Look beyond the low hanging fruit

      • Ensure we have the courage to reach beyond our grasp. We must continue to look forward and move with the tides as they change.

       As we enter into this new era of sustainable food production, Treehouse Foods are proud to be at the forefront joining in the ever growing collective of new producers and boldly doing things differently in an environmentally sensible way to bring the best possible produce to you that exceeds what has previously been available. We cant wait to meet you on the journey.

      Love always

      Treehouse Foods